Community survey

The City of Maple Grove contracted with the National Research Center, which was recently acquired by Polco, as the consultant to design and administer the 2022 community survey. The city has used this firm for the past three surveys -- 2008, 2013, 2016. 

The primary goal of the survey is to assess the attitudes and opinions of residents by:

  • Evaluating city programs and services
  • Determining general perceptions of the quality of life in Maple Grove
  • Identifying issues facing the community
  • Identifying demographic changes in the city
  • Setting benchmarks for future surveys

A mail survey was conducted of randomly selected Maple Grove households. For the 2022 process, a total of 4,800 households were invited to participate with online and online/paper options. In addition, residents age 18 or over, who are not participating in the random mail survey, had the opportunity to complete an open participation community survey that was online only. 

The questions for the open participation survey are exactly the same as the random sample mail survey. However, the responses for the mailed survey and open participation survey are tracked separately. Responses for both surveys are confidential and anonymous.

Both the mail and online survey are closed and had a deadline for completion of May 20, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

Survey results

The Maple Grove City Council accepted the survey reports at their meeting on July 18, 2022, following Polco's presentation of the results. View the survey presentation (PDF).

Random sample survey results (PDF)

Open participation survey results (PDF)


2021: The Maple Grove City Council directs city staff to make preparations for a community survey to be conducted in spring 2022.

April 4, 2022: City Council approves survey questions, and Polco provided notice to proceed with survey process.

April 8: Data collection begins for random sample survey.

May 6: Open participation survey begins.

May 20: Data collection for both surveys ends.

July 18: Survey report delivered to the City Council.