Crime prevention

The crime prevention officer manages the Maple Grove crime prevention program. Please email or call with questions.

Camera registration program

The Maple Grove Police Department would like to partner with residents and business owners who have video surveillance on the exterior of their homes or business. You might have a multi-camera system or a simple doorbell camera. No matter your level of surveillance, your participation in this program will help the police department in the event of a crime in your area.

Through the program, our department collects addresses of homes and businesses that have video systems installed. If a crime occurs nearby and officers or investigators believe video footage will help, our team then asks the camera owners if they are willing to share video footage from a specific time/date. Officers do not have direct access to anyone's camera. In order to access any video footage, our officers will ask for permission from homeowners, who then decide if they are able and willing to share the video footage with police officers.

Camera addresses and homeowner/business information is maintained in a secure database that the Maple Grove Police Department has classified as non-public or confidential. You may ask to be removed from the Camera Registration Program at any time and have your information removed from the database.

Please consider registering your cameras today and work with us to help keep our city safe.

Catalytic converter CATGUARD registration

In 2021, the Minnesota Legislature created the catalytic converter theft prevention pilot program (Minn. Stat. 325E.21 subd.2b). The intent of the program is to deter the theft of catalytic converters by marking them with unique identification numbers that permanently mark the catalytic converter.

The Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau administers this program and chose the CATGUARD Label Solution as the primary method for marking catalytic converters. The labels are installed by sticking the label onto a - cool to the touch - catalytic converter. A fluid is then painted onto the label, which, once a vehicle is started, causes the unique number to be etched into the metal. Once registered, the unique number allows law enforcement to trace a converter back to a specific vehicle if a converter were to be stolen and later recovered.

The law requires the labels be installed at no cost to vehicle owners. Businesses cannot charge for the installation a program label, but they can require another service, e.g., oil change, be performed to install a label.

To start the registration process, complete the online registration form, the Maple Grove Police Department will register your vehicle with the Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau. After registration is complete, you will be notified that the CATGUARD sticker is available for pickup at the Maple Grove Police Department.

The Police Department does not install the sticker. You must either install the sticker yourself or bring the vehicle to a local auto repair shop for installation.

Neighborhood Watch

No one person or law enforcement agency can be aware of every situation that occurs in a neighborhood at all times. That is why neighbors are the best defense against crime. Neighborhood Watch is a cooperative effort between an individual neighborhood and the Maple Grove Police. 

Once a neighborhood has filled the Neighborhood Watch requirements (PDF), watch signs are posted in that neighborhood to recognize that accomplishment and to show that those citizens actively work with the police.

Crime Free Multi-Housing

Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) is a one-day, rental owner education program that includes information on:

  • Applicant screening
  • Rental agreements
  • Identification of illegal activity
  • Eviction processes
  • Roles of working with the police, crime prevention, code enforcement, public health, licensing, and inspections
  • Proactive property management

For training dates, times, and locations, please visit the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association website and look under training and events for the CFMH Day 1 class.

Operation Identification

This two-part program can aid in reducing burglaries when it is properly implemented. 

Part 1: Marking valuables with a unique serial number that is provided by the police. This serial number will aid in tracking valuables back to you if they were ever lost or stolen. 

Part 2:  Posting small stickers at the entrances of a home that identify you as a member and show that property is marked and traceable. In order to receive a unique serial number, complete the Operation ID sign-up form (PDF) and return it to the Maple Grove Police Department.

Operation Inventory

In any police investigation where the property is stolen, it is imperative for you to have a list of properties with descriptions and serial numbers to aid in the recovery process. Operation Inventory is a program for documenting and recording all valuables in your home that have traceable numbers, such as serial numbers or Operation ID numbers. 

In addition to completing the Operation Inventory forms (PDF), it is recommended that you photograph all jewelry. Print as many pages as needed to document all the belongings. Once this paperwork is completed and items are photographed, it is advised to keep these items in a discrete area of your home where, in the event of a burglary or theft, they won't be discovered or destroyed.

Home premise surveys

A representative from the Maple Grove Police will come to your home and provide recommendations on physical security improvements that may reduce the chances of becoming the victim of a burglary. Please email crime prevention or call 763-494-6134 to schedule an appointment.