Parking permit

The Maple Grove Police Department issues on-street parking permits that meet the parking permit rules and regulations within Ordinance Number 32-69.

Permits are issued to city residents only; therefore, non-residents cannot apply for a permit. If a non-resident needs a permit, the homeowner the non-resident will be staying with must apply for the permit. This ensures a Maple Grove address is displayed on the permit application.

Additionally, parking permits are required for a vehicle that will be parked beyond the parking time limits allowed by the Parking Ordinance Number 32-67. Each vehicle that will be parked on the street needs a separate permit.

Online permits should be received within a 24-hour period. If you need assistance, email a community service officer. Permit requests can also be made in person at the Public Safety Facility.

Once approved, the permit should be displayed on the driver-side window of the vehicle.

Complete the online parking permit form.


No person, vehicle, or address shall be allowed the benefits of such a permit for a period of more than two weeks in any calendar year. Vehicles temporarily rendered inoperable and waiting for removal cannot exceed 48 hours in any calendar year.

The permit is not valid if two or more inches of snow is on the street or construction or repair of the road, highway, or utilities is in progress. 

Permit holders assume all risk and liability for any damage or theft from their vehicle left on the street. Permit holders will remise, release, indemnify, hold harmless and forever discharge the Maple Grove Police Department, the City of Maple Grove, and its officers, agents or employees from any and all claims, suits, or demands which are, will, or maybe claimed by parking the vehicle on the street.