Meeting / Party room rentals

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Meeting room features

Rooms can accommodate 15 to 40 people. Portable walls provide flexibility for accommodating small and large functions. 

Table setup

Rectangular tables and chairs are provided. Tables are 6-feet long and 30-inches wide. Room furniture setup is confirmed upon scheduling.


Glitter, confetti, tape, and adhesives are not allowed. Staff can provide hooks, magnets, or other items. Balloons are allowed and must be weighed down at all times.


Bring your own food or order refreshments (coffee, pop, juice, muffins, and cookies) with staff when scheduling the room. Red beverages (fruit punch, etc.) and alcohol are not allowed. No refrigeration or warming is provided.


Wireless internet access is available throughout the Community Center. The open network is called "MGCC - Open." No password is required, but users must accept the terms and conditions.

Renter survey

We appreciate your feedback to help improve the rental experience! If you have rented space at the Community Center, please complete a short birthday party survey

Small conference room with tables, windows and chairs - Room 133