Transit rider reminders

Riding Maple Grove Transit buses means you are sharing a small and typically crowded public space, so the following reminders are intended to help make the commute pleasant and safe for all:

  • Be mindful of backpacks, bags, and briefcases hitting seated riders as you move along the bus aisle.
  • Beverages require a secure lid. Standees cannot possess a beverage of any type including those with a lid.
  • Do not put your personal belongings on an open seat next to you until the bus is on the freeway.
  • Keep cell phone conversations short and your voice as low as possible. Please do not use your speakerphone.
  • Let all standees exit the bus first followed by the riders from the front to back.
  • Refrain from eating food.
  • Some people are sensitive to perfumes and colognes, so please consider limiting the use of these products.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transit Administrator.