Park regulations & safety tips

Respect the rules

Your cooperation in making the parks and trails fun and enjoyable for all users is much appreciated.

  • Park hours are from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Tobacco use and alcohol are not allowed on any park property.
  • Boats cannot be docked or dragged over park property.
  • No trees, cattails, or other natural growth can be cut or removed from park property.
  • Litter must be placed in designated containers.

For the comprehensive list of prohibited activities in the parks please reference City Code Section 22-65.

Multi-use trail etiquette

  • Walk on the far right side of the trail.
  • If group walking, regularly check behind you for upcoming traffic and go single file when someone is trying to pass.
  • If using headphones, keep the volume soft enough to hear activity behind you.

Dogs in the park

  • Pets are allowed on trails. They must be under restraint (leashed) and waste must be picked up.
  • Dogs are not to be off leash in any park or natural area. Off leash parks are available at Fish Lake Regional Park and Elm Creek Park Reserve.
  • Keep pets out of active play areas.

Motorized vehicles

  • Motor vehicles are prohibited from parkland and trails.

Additional information

If you observe suspicious activity dial 911 immediately.

If you see unsafe conditions in the parks or trails or see a repair needed, please contact the Parks Department.