Outdoor skating rinks

Outdoor skating rinks are closed for the season.  See you next winter.

Hockey, pleasure rinks, shelter, & lights

  1. Boundary Creek Park
    10122 104th Ave N
  2. Cedar Island Elementary School
    6701 East Fish Lake Rd
  3. Donahue North
    6632 Annapolis Ln
  4. Elm Creek Elementary School
    9820 Revere Ln
  5. Gleason Fields
    18815 67th Ave N
  6. Kerber Park
    9095 Elm Creek Blvd
  7. Maple Grove Middle School
    7000 Hemlock Ln
  8. Weaver Lake Park
    8401 Dunkirk Ln

Hockey, pleasure rinks, shelter, & lights

  1. Thoresen Special Use Park
    6259 Eagle Lake Dr


Benches and restrooms are available at each site.

Ice rental is available during non-business hours.


Call the weather information line at 763-494-5959 for continuous updates. If you have questions, contact the outdoor skating rink coordinator at 763-494-6516, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.