Special events bring the community together. The Maple Grove Parks and Recreation Department holds a variety of community events throughout the year.

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  2. Thursday, March 21

  3. Sunday, March 31

  4. Thursday, April 18

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Looking to host a special event?

If an event includes any of the following, an event form needs to be completed. For more information, refer to the special event guide (PDF).

  • Selling or offering for sale any goods or service
  • Hosting an event that has a registration or participation fee
  • Serving or sale of alcoholic beverages
  • Gambling of any nature, including bingo, raffles, or pull-tabs
  • Sporting event or tournament not sponsored by Maple Grove Parks and Recreation
  • Inflatables, such as a moonwalk, climbing wall, amusement rides, battery or gas powered toys
  • Operating a motorized vehicle on parkland or trails
  • Animals for show, displays, or rides
  • Any apparatus used for aviation (including drones) that will land or descend within a park
  • A moving route that impacts traffic (i.e. runs, walks, parades)
  • Food truck, tent, canopy, platform, or other structure
  • Commercial propane or charcoal grill
  • Other temporary event related equipment including generator or auxiliary power
  • Creation or emission of amplified sound or music
  • Facility use that exceeds typical use or capacity of an area
  • Use of facility between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • 500 or more individuals
  • All other requests not specifically identified and are not normally permitted

Event form

The form is on page 11  of the special event guide. Submit the completed event form to Maple Grove parks and recreation.

If your event does not check any of the boxes above, visit the Community Center rental and parks rental pages to reserve space.