Story Walks

Alien Tomato Story Walks are a creative way for everyone to have a reading adventure as they enjoy Maple Grove parks and trails.

Alien Tomato, written by local Minnesota author Kristen Schroeder, is posted at the Lions pavilion outside of the Maple Grove Community Center! When a mysterious red orb appears one day, the vegetables aren’t sure what to make of it. They decide that it must be an alien tomato. This delightfully silly tale and its equally hilarious art is a perfect fit for all.

Wild MindfulnessWild Mindfulness, by Laura Larsen, is posted at the garden at Central Park. This picture book is meant to teach, guide, and allow children and adults to experience mindful moments through guided imagery and breathing techniques as they follow a young girl and her adventures camping and exploring in the wild.  

As mindfulness is the intentional practice of experiencing the here and now without letting thoughts or feelings interrupt, this book allows children to be fully immersed in the moment while bringing an awareness and calm to their body while they listen or read.

For park locations, view the parks and trail map (PDF).