22-02 Deerwood Homes and Eagle Lake Area

Project updates

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Please email the project coordinator with your address if you have irrigation lines, invisible pet fence, or are planning to widen the driveway.


Current schedule as of 08-05-22 (PDF)


22-02 Phasing map (PDF)
22-02 Location map (PDF)

Letters to residents

02-04-22 Public hearing notice (PDF)
Correction: Public hearing date is March 21, 2022.

03-22-22 Special assessments letter (PDF) - single-family
03-22-22 Special assessments letter (PDF) - medium-density
05-03-22 Notice of construction (PDF)
06-21-22 - Ph. II construction notification (PDF)
07-01-22 - Ph. I irrigation, pet fence, and final phase repairs (PDF)
08-09-22 - Ph. IV construction notification (PDF)