What to do if EAB has been confirmed on your ash tree?

Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. If you suspect or have confirmed an EAB infestation, please contact the City of Maple Grove Public Works Department at 763-494-6370.

City code requires infested or diseased tree(s) to be removed or effectively treated to prevent the possible spread of EAB.


Treatment can only be done if the infestation is in the early stage or as a preventative measure. Typically a tree that has EAB will need to be treated on an annual basis for the remainder of the tree's life. Most often, any treatment options or preventive applications must be done in the spring. If you decide to treat your infected tree or have questions about treatment, please contact public works or at 763-494-6370.

Options for removal

  • Hire and pay for a contractor to remove the tree
  • Remove the tree yourself

The best time of year to remove an EAB-infested tree is between October 1 and May 1, since this is the period when EABs are generally considered dormant.

If a resident chooses to remove the EAB-infested trees themselves, they must do so in a safe manner. Please note that it is against the law to move entire ash trees, firewood from hardwood trees, limbs, branches, ash logs, untreated ash lumber, uncomposted ash chips, and uncomposted ash bark chips greater than 1 inch in two dimensions out of EAB-quarantined counties. Map of quarantined counties in Minnesota.

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